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by Thomas Ha
Making a short film with foreign people
I've directed and produced a short film; One time. At the begining, I made a movie club; Green Line. I got a presentation to find people who want to help and make a film with me. I've worked with 5 writers, 2 actresses, 2 actors, 1 audioman. We've spent for 1 month to make the film.
1st presentation to get people who want to help and work with me.
The world premiere of One time.
Short film; One time.
Working at Korean Air Force
- Airplane engine repairing department 
I did 2 kind of job. At the begining, I assisted airplane engine mechanics. I've learned how mechanics worked. They had very organized process to repair the engines. 2nd part of my army term, I assisted the superviser. I supervised life term of airplane engine. I've made several program to superviese it by excel.
What I learned
- How to progress the big project step by step.
- How to lead the people to work.
- How to use the tools.
- How to organize the complecate plan.
- To make programs by excel.
Unmanned Solar vehicle challenge
I've worked at laboratory in University for 2 years. We've designed and analyzed the body of car by the program Solid Works. We've tested the car's driving motion in computer by the program Python and controled the car by C. My specific research fields were braking system and solar panel.
What I learned
- How to design and analyze the machine by Solid Works
- How to control the machine by the program; C
- Airo dynamics
- Solar charging system
Global challenge in Hong Kong - IP Policy
By the time I was junior, Intelligent Propertie Policy had been big issue because of trials between Samsung and Apple.  I participated the symposium about IP policy in Korea and I realized It was really important, So I applied the global challenge to participate Asian Licensing Conference in Hong Kong. I got admission, so I've been conference in Hong Kong.
Because I study mechnical engineering, I have an opportunity to get a job in Research and Develope field. It is very close to Intellgent Property. I thought I needed to learn about IP Policy. I decided to go to China which has the largest quentities of IP in the world. They faced big issue about the IP Policy like I'd expected, So It was very good opportunity to learn the IP Policy.
Twenties' representative at the Forum
- We are the electors
Just before election of Korean president, it was big issue in Korea how many elder and young people would elect because elder people preferred democratics and young people preferred republicans. I represented twenties' opions about election at the forum
I had interviewed a lot of twenties to know their opinions. I thought they would have similler opinions but it wasn't. They got their own opinion and knew why they thought like that. It gave me fresh impact. It helped me to think deffrently and objectively. I learned how to talk about my opinion with basis, how to think objectively,  and why we needed to elect while I was preparing.
Computer programming tutor - python
When I was sophomore, I tought the program Python to freshman. Because all of them were beginers, I needed to tought the basic and algorithm. It helped me to remind basic programming and think differently to build the program. Students who were tought by me got better grade compared to others.
I've learned many way to build the programs which were complicated. I just built the programs before I was tutor. However while I was preparing to teach, I needed to know how to explain the way to approach the result step by step. I drawed the rought map includes resuld, found which function I needed, searched open sources which had fuction I needed, and finished the map. Sometimes it took more time but much easyer to fix.
Main actor of University drama club
The play was about the school which blinds studied. In the play, I was the person who just moved in the school. My personality was negative but attractive. Before I moved in the school, the students had been positive, but they were attracted my personality and getting negative except one person.
I got huge self-confidence while I was preparing the play. I learned how to speak in front of many people. I've got many presentation. Most of them were successful because I had known how to speak and got confident to say in front of many people. This ability is one of the most important for me.
Making my ideas a reality