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by Thomas Ha
Hi, My name is Thomas Ha
I love traveling. I've been many contries and I remember great memories. I wanted to be a pilot because If I had been a pilot, I would have traveled as many as I want. However I'm really satisfied in my life. I know I wouldn't be able to get many experiences which were important for me without my major.
From: Seoul, Korea
Job: University student
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Personality: Open mind
Abilities: Programming, Organizing, Studying, Having the presentation, Self-Confidence
Hobbies: Playing basketball, Playing piano, Dancing, Watching movie, Traveling
  1. America
    2015.2.27 -
    I came to America to study English. I've studied for 3 months at ELC in Boston. I've directed a short film while I was studying at ELC. I'm planning to travel around America for 1 month by train; Amtrak. I'll go back to Korea end of December. This travel's purpose are to get experiences which I can't get in Korea, see great landscapes which are in America, make stories which I can talk to my friends, and make sure what kind of job I want to do.
  2. Hong Kong/Shenzhen
    2013.1.3 - 2013.1.15
    I've been Hong Kong and Shenzhen for 1 week because of global challenge. I wanted to know about the intelligent property policy, so I participated the conference about IP Policy. I've also traveled. I was surprised because Day time and Night time in Hong Kong were very different. Night time of Hong Kong is still one of my favorite moment. I needed to study about IP policy a lot because I had prepared global challenge to get permission. I explained why I needed to go to Hong Kong to people who could sponsor. Our project was reasonable, So we got the sponsor.
  3. Singapore
    2012.7.10 - 2012.7.14
    I have the most beautiful memory in this time. Everything was clean; Road, Beach, Sky, Sand, etc. I was totally relaxed. I just looked at the moving clouds, wave, and night view with beer. If I marry with someone who I love, I want to go to Singapore for Honeymoon.
  4. Korea
    I've traveled around Korea for 1 week by train. It was pretty hot weather but travel was amazing. We've gone many great places and met many good people. Actually there were several happening because of my friend. As you can recognize, my friend is tall. While we were traveling, It was really helpful. When I tried to make a deal, there were several people who offered unfair deal. However They offered pretty good deal after they knew I was with my friend. It was really fun because my friend was really nice person. I had made a plan which had very organized 4 days and free 3days. It was pretty good. We've been where we wanted and enjoyed freedom.
  5. Taipei
    2012.7.14 - 2012.7.15
    I've been Taipei for only 2 days but I met awesome people. I was in Taipei 101. There was long waiting line to take elevator like Empire state building. While I was standing in the line, I asked woman to take a photo me. She took a photo and we were starting to talk each other. she had come with her friends from Mongolia. They were preparing to become a doctor. Before this time, I hadn't had experience to be a friend with stranger but I recognized It was not too difficult to be friend with stranger, so I could talk to stranger easier.
  6. Japan
    This was a family trip. It was before explosion of nuclear plant. I remember train, clean sky, great park but Ghibli Museum was the best. It was dedicated to the famed animation studio with a play area, theater & rooftop garden. They got a robot on the roof! It was definitely the flying robot. The reason I was So excited about the robot because The robot was from the movie Raputa and Raputa was one of my favorite movie. When I was kid, I really wanted to be pilot because of this movie.
  7. Jeju
    After graduated the elementary school, we decided to travel around Jeju island by a bike. It was kind of graduation trip. We've ridden a bike for 5 days. We were young, so many people liked us. they gave us many favors. I had special memory about this trip. When I went to bathroom, there were pigs under my butt. they were trying to eat my poop. I was really scared, so I couldn't poop. That pigs called poop pig. They eat poop and clean the poison of poop. Well.. several people say It's more delicious than the common pigs. For me, It was nightmare.
  8. America/Canada
    My relative used to live in New York, So I could visit them in summer vacation. I went to summer camp for 2 weeks. Even I couldn't speak English well, It was really fun. I showed them Korean comedy and they loved it. After summer camp, We went to niagara fall. Beautiful rainbow welcomed us.
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