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Mechanical Engineering


I'm from Korea and I love Korea. Even If I were not Korean,  I would have loved Korea. We have great korean food, culture, history and a people.  Korea has high quality education system. I think the reason why I have great open mind is becuase of Korean education.  We also have great history. Many coutries tried to invade Korea but Korea is still Korea. I'm really proud of our history.
My major help me think logically. I could learn programming, designing, analyzing skills at University. I can organize the complecate plan or problem because Basic of mechanical engineering is way to think why the result occurs and how to approach the answer. 
Fortunately I've got many opportunities to travel. It has helped me to get open mind, so useually I try to do something as much as I can. I like share life experience. Even some people talk about strange or unbelievable experience, It is interesting to me.
The reasons why I'm in America

2015.2.27 - 2015.12.27

High quality Information
The first reason why I want to learn English is many the newest and useful informations about technology are written by in English. Therefore English is essential to work.
I enjoy listening to other's life stories. I believe I could get more stories and experiences after I study English. 
Studying English
Korean and American's thinking way is very differnt. It could because of education or culture or some other reasons. I've already learned many things while I was studying English at Language school and I'll learn more.
I came to America to learn English. Before I came to America, I'had made several goals to improve English efficiently. This is my goal.
 - I can read American newspaper.
 - I can understand American TV news.
 - I can read a fiction which is written by in English.
 - I can understand lecture; TED, Harvard.
 - I can have my presentation in America.
 - I can write a English essay.
Making my ideas a reality